Roadies X4 gang leaders on the set’s of Comedy Nights Bachao.

The three handsome hunks Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra and Prince Narula with the gorgeous Neha Dhupiya will be seen together on another reality show to entertain all of us. This time, they will be making a special appearance on reality show in Comedy Nights Bachao on Colors.
Roadies judges on comedy nights bachao.
image credit : @ColorsTV – twitter

The gang leaders of Roadies X4 are known for their assertive and aggressive behavior with the contestants and their team members. We all see them as they comes to pushing their team to the top of the ladder but what happens when they’re pushed to their limits?

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The experience of the Roadies team with the show seems to be not so nice. As the comedians grilled these judges really hard. Comedy Nights Bachao is a decent and less offensive form of a roast show, where a lot of leg pulling of the celerity guests takes place.

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