Commander Imam: Bigg Boss 9, sneak peek, Day 94.

In tonights episode Bigg Boss 9 house will be turned into a boot camp. As Bigg Boss has introduced another task for Bigg Boss 9 contestants for which the house was converted into a military camp. Imam Siddique will be the commander of the task while the housemates have to follow his orders as cadets. They will have to do all the tasks that Imam Siddique tells them to.

As Bigg Boss 9 season is proceeding towards the end, the fight is becoming tough and the contestants are trying their best to remain in the game. In order to reach finale, the housemates have to follow and impress Imam Siddique and taking advantage of the same.

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Check out the sneak peek now.
Bigg Boss 9, Day 94.

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