“Salman has taught me Bodybuilding” Says Hrithik

Yes it’s true, Hrithik Roshan who was in Bigg Boss house this week admit that Salman Khan has taught him bodybuilding.

Hrithik, when was in Bigg Boss house confessed in front of the whole nation that when he wanted to learn bodybuilding, he approached Salman and the large-hearted actor agreed immediately.

The clip which was aired in the “Weekend ka Vaar” episode of Oct 11,2014 , showed Hrithik saying “I want to confess in front of the whole nation and I don’t think there would be any other better opportunity than this show. When I was about to start my career I was very thin and since my father was making a film, I thought to seek help from a person who is always ready to help other and saying that I approached Salman Khan to make me teach some bodybuilding, Salman immediately gave me the keys of his gym and said from now onward it’s your gym and from that day Salman has been teaching him bodybuilding.”



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